Sunday, August 11, 2013

CITIZENS FOR NEIGHBORHOOD SCHOOLS--a public advocacy group dedicated to preserving our schools

Although the School Board voted to close Hoover Elementary last month, now is not the time to give up on our school.  We now need to work on reversing that decision:  at the polls, within the Board itself.  To that end, a new public advocacy group has formed, Citizens for Neighborhood Schools, that will further our cause.

The easiest way to connect with Citizens for Neighborhood Schools is to join its discussion group here on Facebook.

You will notice that the group's name does not mention Hoover.  That is because this is an issue that transcends our school.  All people who value our neighborhood schools, and the many benefits they provide our children and community, should be aware of what is going on in the district regarding our elementary schools.  Although it was Hoover this time, it was very nearly Hills and Lincoln, too.

Citizens for Neighborhood Schools needs to be a district-wide movement.  At stake are our neighborhood elementary schools, and with them, our community.  Please join, and help preserve the quality of our children's education.

Save Hoover!

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