Saturday, November 2, 2013

Update on the facilities plan

In the school board’s October 22 work session, Superintendent Murley presented his proposed time line for the projects in the facilities master plan. The full presentation is here.

Although the school board’s master plan said that Hoover could close no earlier than 2017-18, the superintendent’s proposal would close Hoover at the end of the 2015-16 school year. Hoover would then be used for five years as a “swing school” – that is, as a place to send kids from elsewhere while their schools are being renovated.

Although we were repeatedly told that the City High addition could not be built unless Hoover was closed, the superintendent’s proposal would complete the addition while Hoover is still up and running as a swing school. When asked how the Hoover property would be used once it’s torn down, the superintendent said that he didn’t know.

Until the board votes to accept it, the superintendent’s plan is just a proposal. The board plans to consider the proposal and possibly vote on it at its November 12 meeting. You can let the board members know your feelings about the proposal by emailing them at .

More commentary on the time line is here and here.

Update:  The superintendent is now preparing an amended proposal that would not use Hoover as a swing school.  The amended proposal is a work in progress, though, and may still change.  More information about it is here.

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