Thursday, December 12, 2013

Update, December 12

As expected, the board voted to adopt the facilities phasing plan, including the Hoover closure, at its December 10 meeting. The plan would keep Hoover open serving its own attendance area until 2019, when it would close. Board member Tuyet Dorau voted against the plan. Board member Chris Lynch made an effort to get the board to reconsider the Hoover closure, but when it was clear that there were not enough other votes to do so, voted in favor of the final plan. The other board members, Marla Swesey, Sally Hoelscher, Jeff McGinness, Patti Fields, and Brian Kirschling, voted for the plan as well.

The board agreed that the plan would be revisited every December.

Efforts to save Hoover will now focus primarily on the 2015 school board election. The four board members whose seats expire in 2015 – Swesey, Hoelscher, McGinness, and Fields – all supported moving forward with the Hoover closure. Given the results of this past election and the community’s consistent opposition to closing schools, we are optimistic about the prospects for change in 2015. Saving Hoover will take patience and persistence, but we have no shortage of either.

The petition to keep Hoover open now has over 860 signatures, and will continue to grow. Thanks for your continuing support!

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