Sunday, April 12, 2015

Get involved in Save Hoover

If you support keeping Hoover School open, the time to become active is now. The next school board election is less than six months away. Four of the seven board seats are up for election. It’s very possible that none of the board members who voted to close Hoover will still be on the board six months from now. This is our best opportunity to reverse the closure decision.

Also, the school district’s administrators recently released possible “updates” to the facilities plan, some of which would close more schools, such as Horace Mann, Lincoln, and Hills. This confirms what Hoover advocates have been saying all along: that the Hoover closure is really about shifting away from central neighborhood schools toward having much larger elementary schools farther from where people live. These “updates” will make even more people aware of the importance of the school closure issue as we head into the board election.

To get involved, contact We plan to make a big effort in the board election. We’ll need your help to spread the word about Hoover and to work toward electing board members who won’t close schools.

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