Saturday, September 5, 2015


Melanie Sigafoose writes about the importance of candidates willing to adjust the FMP as circumstances change in the Sept. 3 Press-Citizen:

As we approach the Sept. 8 School Board election, there are some candidates who have said that they would not change the district’s long-term facilities plan, and some who believe that the plan should be changed and improved.
I support candidates who believe that the long-term plan can be changed and improved. In particular, it is simply untrue that we cannot reach our goals without closing one of our elementary schools. No one has made a convincing case that the City High addition cannot be built without closing Hoover Elementary, or that the only possible way to renovate older schools is by closing a school, or that we can’t build and open new schools unless we close existing ones.
The people in this district have consistently opposed school closures every time the district has solicited their input. It is important for the district to stay faithful to the message it received from the community.
I will be voting for the candidates who understand that long-term planning is an ongoing process and who are willing to think critically to improve existing plans: Phil Hemingway, Chris Liebig, Brian Richman, and Tom Yates.

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