Thursday, September 3, 2015


This morning, the North Corridor Parents came out with its endorsements for next week's school board election, and all of Save Hoover's candidates--Phil Hemingway, Tom Yates, Chris Liebig, and Brian Richman--received the organization's endorsement.  You can read their full endorsement message here.  While the NCP also endorsed Lori Roetlin, Todd Fanning, and Shawn Eyestone--candidates who have not voiced a willingness to revisit the Facilities Master Plan, the NCP's endorsement of the Save Hoover candidates is telling.

Here is concrete proof that people from across the district realize closing Hoover is not just about one elementary school; it speaks to much larger issues such as transparency, responsiveness to community input, ensuring we make the best financial decisions, and taking the entire district's needs into account--east, west, north, south, among others.

Hoover must stay open, not only for those children who learn within its walls, but for the long-term benefit of the entire ICCSD.  Help us spread the word and don't forget to vote September 8!

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