Thursday, June 30, 2016


To prepare for the July 19 ICCSD school board special election, the Save Hoover Committee asked board candidates: If you are elected, will you support amending the long-term facilities plan to keep Hoover Elementary School open?
One response stood out, not only because it recognizes the costs of closing Hoover, but also because it highlights the importance of building district-wide community and trust.
J.P. Claussen: Recognizing that the Hoover closure does not align with widely held community values, J.P. Claussen favors amending the long-term facilities plan to keep Hoover open.  Claussen believes that the priorities of the ICCSD should align with the priorities of the community, and he encourages the district to listen to more voices as it moves forward with facilities planning.  He will provide a visionary leadership that will build upon thoughtful public engagement.  For more information about Claussen’s views on education, visit his website. If you would like a yard sign, you may request one from Save Hoover via
Paul Roesler is against keeping Hoover open and has even advocated that it close two years earlier than planned. Janice Weiner recognizes that closing Hoover is part of the existing facilities plan, and is noncommittal about changing the plan. You can read the candidates' responses here
VOTE: Election Day is Tuesday, July 19.  Find your polling place here.
You may request a mailed absentee ballot until Friday, July 15.  Requests must be made by 5 p.m. that day.
Satellite voting will occur on Sunday, July 17 at the Coralville Public Library (12–4) and at the Iowa City Public Library (12–5).
Or, vote early at the Auditor’s Office (913 S. Dubuque St.), from 7:45 to 5:30, through Monday, July 18. Early voting begins Tuesday, July 5.

Thank you for your consideration of JP Claussen’s candidacy.

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