Tuesday, November 12, 2013

In two weeks, 635 signatures and counting

The petition to keep Hoover and all our schools open, which has been in circulation for only two weeks, now has 635 signatures. The accompanying petition not to use Hoover as a swing school has 285 signatures. (Those numbers are higher than the numbers that appear on the online petitions, because paper versions of the petitions are circulating as well.) The petitions were presented to the school board at tonight’s meeting, though we will continue to collect signatures.

Thank you, everyone, for your support! You can sign the petitions online here and here.

UPDATE 11/13: The board made no decisions about the closure last night. The board members voted to move forward with the first year of the plan (including installing air conditioning at Hoover) and to continue discussions with the goal of adopting a full ten-year plan at their December 10 meeting. News coverage here, here, and here.


  1. Chris! Thank you for your continued and tireless efforts regarding Hoover Elementary. Does anyone else find it interesting that our Cedar Rapids neighbors to the north presented a much more accurate portrayal of what occurred at last night's meeting than our local paper....it's so interesting to me....the Iowa City article is almost written backwards...additionally, though I wrote my name down on a piece of paper for the reporter, it is spelled incorrectly in today's edition and online - Susan KLUEVER

  2. Thanks, Susan. I admit that when I read that article I thought, Darn, I must have been spelling it wrong all this time!


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