Thursday, September 3, 2015


In the August 2 Press-Citizen, Lois Cox wrote the following letter in support of Save Hoover candidate Chris Liebig:

I plan to vote for Chris Liebig for the open two-year seat on the Board of the ICCSD. As Chris’s longtime colleague, I’ve had lots of opportunities to observe his approach to problem-solving. He is consistently thoughtful, insightful, and deliberative, as well as careful to pay attention to detail. One of his most outstanding characteristics is his ability to really listen to persons whose opinions differ from his, and to give serious, respectful attention to their concerns. It’s hard for me to imagine anyone better suited than Chris to serve on a board tasked with making important decisions collaboratively.
Chris is perhaps best known to voters as an established blogger on school board issues, including school closings. His comments are always based on sound reasoning and respect for other points of view. The intelligence and creative analysis that he brings to his work, and that make him such a popular professor, can benefit the whole community if he is elected to the School Board. Please join me in voting for him for the open two-year seat.

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